Protective Covers for Exercise BallsU.S. Patent 8,272,980

11 Dogs Test a BallJacket

A BallJacket is a heavy-duty cover that protects an exercise ball against cuts, scrapes, and punctures. It's great for athletes, but is it tough enough to handle a pack of high-energy dogs? Raven, the Rottie, and her friends put it to the test in this fun, action-packed video:
music by Einstein's Sister; photography by Greg Zook  

Special Tips for Dog Owners

If you plan to use your BallJacket as a dog toy, please note the following recommendations:
  1. Give your dog a chance to get familiar with the ball.
    Some dogs immediately want to chase and herd a large ball, but others will be scared of it. If your dog shies away from the ball, give him a few days to adjust to it, begin play gradually, and reward each contact. Most dogs can be coaxed into interacting with the ball simply by placing a small treat or piece of kibble on top of it. As your dog gets more comfortable with the ball, begin rolling and bouncing it in front of him.
  2. Keep the ball properly inflated.
    Dogs are natural chewers and most would love to tear up the ball if they could. They can't because it's too big to fit in their mouths. Keep it that way by keeping the ball properly inflated. Check the ball before each play session.
  3. Supervise all play.
    Don't leave your dog alone for any extended period with the ball or any other toy. Not only is this the safest policy for your dog, but it will also help extend the toy's life.
  4. Avoid playing in areas with thorns or cactus needles.
    Your BallJacket is puncture-resistant, not puncture-proof. Very sharp needle-like objects can penetrate its surface, just as they do to bike tires, your skin, and the pads of your dog's feet.

Recommended Sizes for Pet Use

Ball size isn't critical, but we normally recommend a:

53 cm ball for dogs weighing less than 70 lbs,
65 cm ball for dogs over 70 lbs, and
75 cm ball for horses.

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